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At Air Luxe Vacation Rentals, they specialize in offering furnished rentals tailored for traveling professionals, relocations, and leisure travel. They provide guests with magnificent, opulent spaces meticulously designed with comfort and beauty in mind, sparing no expense and leaving no detail unnoticed, ensuring a 5-star experience throughout their visit. Guests are invited to feel very welcome in this unique and relaxed ambiance


Develop Responsive Website with Booking System: Create a website that adapts to various devices and incorporates a reservation booking system directly on the platform.
Avoid Airbnb Service Fees: Implement a centralized booking system on their website to circumvent Airbnb service fees.
Integrate Search Widget for Easy Navigation: Enhance user experience with a search widget for efficient apartment selection on the website.
Implement Calendar Availability for Each Apartment: Establish a calendar system for each apartment, streamlining booking management.
Sync Website Calendar with Airbnb: Ensure synchronization between the website calendar and Airbnb to prevent double bookings.
Incorporate Secure Payment Gateway: Integrate a secure payment gateway on the website for seamless transactions.
Enable Dual Booking Options: Allow customers to book apartments on both the website and Airbnb.

Solution Proffered

Responsive Website with Integrated Booking System: Build a responsive website with an integrated reservation booking system for user convenience.
Centralized Booking to Bypass Airbnb Fees: Centralize bookings on the website, providing a cost-effective alternative to Airbnb service fees.
User-Friendly Search Widget Implementation: Enhance the website’s usability with a search widget for effortless apartment selection.
Comprehensive Calendar Management: Create a comprehensive calendar system for each apartment, simplifying booking management.
Synchronization of Website and Airbnb Calendars: Ensure seamless coordination between the website calendar and Airbnb to prevent double bookings.
Integration of Secure Payment Gateway: Integrate a secure payment gateway directly on the website for safe and convenient transactions.
Dual Booking Options for Customers: Enable customers to book apartments through both the website and Airbnb for flexibility.


In revolutionizing Air Luxe Vacation Rental’s website with an integrated booking system, avoiding platform fees, and enhancing user experience, the solution exemplifies innovation. The inclusion of a secure payment gateway and dual booking options positions the platform as a comprehensive solution. Beyond streamlining bookings and empowering property owners, these advanced features set a new industry standard, fostering a positive shift towards accessible and user-friendly vacation rental platforms.

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Rosarito, Mexico


Website Design


Short term rental website, vacation rental website

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