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When founders Nicole and Dany met, Nicole had long upheld a healthy lifestyle, from the organic foods in her pantry to her conscious shopping habits. But, in her search for organic women’s clothing, nothing quite fit her style or seemed to last. The choice between fashion or upholding her values wasn’t one Nicole was willing to make. So, she and Dany decided to create what was missing: organic cotton clothing with a conscience, made for optimal wellbeing.


Amreve encountered specific challenges towards their organic cotton essentials:

Online Presence: They had no previous e-commerce website, making it challenging to reach a global audience and showcase their products.
Brand Representation: They needed a platform that could accurately represent the elegance, quality, and uniqueness of their organic cotton essentials.
E-commerce Functionality: Developing an e-commerce website required seamless online purchasing functionality, secure payment gateways, and a user-friendly shopping experience.

Solution Proffered

To address these challenges, our web design team collaborated closely with Amreve to create an informative and interactive website. Key solutions included:

Elegant Design: We crafted an elegant and visually stunning website design that captured the essence of organic cotton essentials’s brand.
Product Showcase: We designed detailed product pages with high-quality images, descriptions, and specifications to ensure an immersive shopping experience.
E-commerce Functionality: We integrated a secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform that allowed customers to browse, select, and purchase jewelry seamlessly.


The creation of Amreveorganic’s e-commerce website not only expanded their global reach but also solidified their brand image as a provider of organic cotton essentials. By addressing their challenges and collaborating with our web design agency, Amreveorganic embarked on a new digital journey that resonates strongly with organic cotton enthusiasts and beautifully showcases their dedication to craftsmanship and elegance.

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Website Design (ecommerce solution)


Ecommerce Website design

Please note that the live website is subject to client updates, reflecting their evolving needs and aspirations. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to deliver dynamic and responsive solutions.

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