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From a young age I experienced an unhealthy amount of instability and dysfunction. This trauma led to anger issues as I was coming into young adulthood. In that time I didn’t have perspective of my actions, I was just doing what I had seen and thinking it was the norm. “Sharif”


Sharif encountered specific challenges towards their life coach as a business:

Visibility: They had no previous online presence, making it challenging to reach out to people who need help.
Booking For Appointment: They needed a website that has a built in book functionality.
Course Sale: They needed a website to sell out their course and a built-in payment processor.
Account Portal: They needed a mini portal for logged in customers to login to view their purchased course.

Solution Proffered

To address these challenges, our web design team collaborated closely with Sharif to create an informative and interactive website. Key solutions included:

Visibility: We created an online presence for them with a professional and engaging website.
Appointment booking: Right on the website, customers are a able to schedule appointments (series of appointment)
Course Sale: We added the woocommerce functionality to sell both digital course and consultations (paid consultation).
Account Portal: Customers are able to login to the website with their username and password to access their course.


In his life journey, navigating early instability and dysfunction, Sharif found stability and love, sparking a self-discovery journey. A compassionate individual with a knack for connection, he transitioned through teaching, coaching, and counseling, ultimately becoming a certified life coach. Leveraging these experiences, Sharif now guides transformative journeys

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